Thursday, November 29, 2012

Bike Party!

Let's say, hypothetically, that you like bikes.  Bikes are convenient forms of transportation, they're great for your health, and the people that ride them are generally pretty awesome.  I don't bike, but I have professed my love for them and the people that ride them.  In this hypothetical where you love bikes, you also want to meet the awesome people that ride them.  It would be ideal if you could perhaps even bike with these awesome people.

Enter Bike Party.  The Baltimore Bike Party meets on the last Friday of every month at the Washington Monument in Mount Vernon.  The group gathers at 7:00p and hits the streets of Baltimore on a pre-determined, 10 to 15 mile route by 7:30p.  Afterwards, the bikers gather for a post-ride party for good food, good beer, good camaraderie, and good times.  In October, the ride was attended by 1,300 bikers, the largest group ride on the east coast.

This month, Bike Party is pajama-themed.  Show up this Friday in your best pjs to the monument at 7:00p with your bike, bells and whistles, and get ready to meet some awesome fellow-bikers.  For more information, check out their Facebook page or email them at  I'm debating whether or not to force myself onto a bike this Friday, or just volunteer for the after-party.  This month, the ride will end at Pratt Street Ale House by Camden Yards.   I am down for anything that supports my wearing elastic-waist pants on a Friday night, because I'm a classy lady.


  1. I'm 99.99% sure I passed you walking your dog earlier this week. I was cycling home at night from the Bike Party pre-ride, up Hunter between Biddle & Preston, your dog was unleashed (but very well behaved). We exchanged polite hellos, and I said to your dog "HEY BEAGLE BEAGLE!" and your dog followed me a few feet before you called him/her back. I just read this post, the post below on Mt. Vernon, and saw the dog in pic on the right, and was all like "I remember that dog."

  2. edit: never mind. After reading your other posts I see you're a Basset person. Must have been someone else. But the pic on the right... looks like that beagle I met the other day)

    1. Yeah, my little dog's not likely to be off-leash in the city, just on hikes. He's not that well trained yet (ever?). Be sure to say hello if you ever spot a fat black basset mutt on a leash, though!