Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Book Thing

Let me introduce you to the best thing in this city, bar none.  This is saying quite a bit, because I really do have serious love for the farmer's market.  The Book Thing , located on Vineyard Lane on the outskirts of Charles Village, is a magical place where you bring old books you no longer want and can pick up new ones for free.  Or, perhaps you just want to pick up books.  That's completely fine as well. It's all provided at no cost whatsoever.

I recently heard a Stoop Story podcast where Russell Wattenberg, creator of The Book Thing, explained the story behind what is now what other, larger cities lust after.  It's not only a wonderful concept, it's completely commendable.  Why not give up your old books to people who may want to read them?

The whole set-up is just like walking into the Christmas Happiness Warehouse for Nerds.  Just this past weekend, I found an almost-mint condition of Bill Bryson's "A Walk in the Woods."  I always explore the humor section, the classics, the cookbooks, travel books that are 20+years out of date...  Scouring the shelves is an adventure in and of itself.  So, if you're new to Charm City, hit it up.  Get some free books!